• Spring Knows What to Do

    Posted on April 30, 2015 by in Nashville Jazz Workshop, Stories behind the music

    AzaleasWhew! April has been a busy month for me. I went to New York to perform at the Metropolitan Room with Dorian Woodruff and Roger Spencer, started a new 6-week session of classes at the Nashville Jazz Workshop, launched 3 new programs for NJW and produced and performed in our tribute to composer Billy Strayhorn in our last Jazz on the Move for the season at the Frist Center for Visual Arts in Nashville. And yet what a beautiful spring we are having in Nashville!

    In honor of this incredible season I thought I would share a song that Beegie Adair and I composed some time ago. Jeff Hall sang a beautiful version of this. Enjoy!

    Spring Knows What to Do (click to see video)

    Spring takes your heart by surprise
    Winter says it’s goodbye round about April
    Per chance a new romance may bloom
    On the wings of kiss, on a flower’s perfume.

    Love just a heartbeat away
    Could be here for a day
    Maybe for always
    Once glance before the dance is through
    Fills your heart with spring
    Spring knows what to do
    Spring knows what to do.

    © Lori Mechem and Beegie Adair


    On stage in NYC with Roger and Dorian


    “The Life and Music of Billy Strayhorn” at the Frist Center for the Visual Arts


    Lori with Galen Demus of the Strayhorn Foundation and Don O. Henry.