Preparing for my December Snap on 2&4

Lori-10If you’re not familiar with a Snap, it’s short for “Snap on 2&4,” which is what we call our bi-monthly shows in the Jazz Cave at the Nashville Jazz Workshop. Snaps happen on the 2nd and 4th Fridays of each month. I’m scheduled to play the next one on December 12th, and I want to play songs that really mean something to me, so I’m going to go out on a limb by playing mostly originals. More jazz musicians in Nashville are doing the same thing, so I thought I would give it a shot too.

Since I’ve been an active composer for over 26 years, my catalog consists of many different styles, including jazz, gospel, new age, Brazilian, and pop/rock. For this upcoming performance, I plan to do a little something from each of my nine CD’s plus a few others.

Unfortunately, we won’t have Andy Reiss on this gig. He is our secret weapon on Basie tunes – the Stromberg guitar he plays is the glue that holds the groove together, and most of the Basie songs we perform just don’t work without him; they sound empty without his guitar. However, I have chosen a couple that will work. And with Roger Spencer and Chris Brown as the backbone, how could I not swing!

I’ve also chosen a few tunes from my two Christmas CDs that are on the Green Hill Music label. And we’ll perform some collaborations with Beegie Adair, Donna McElroy and Greg Barnhill. I’ll also invite my Brazilian band, Ritmos Picantes to perform the second set with me, which will include a great number of tunes that I LOVE to perform with these dear friends: Denis Solee, Roger Spencer, Pete Huttlinger, Chris Brown, and Teree McCormick. We used to play together often, many years ago, but we’ve all grown and definitely gotten busier! So I look forward to playing some of our originals with them again.

It always feels like putting on your favorite slippers when you play with musicians that, first of all, GET IT and second, play the crap out of your music! I love it! It always recharges my battery.

A lot these tunes have lyrics, so I’ve asked some very special friends – Joe Freel, Christina Watson, and Teree McCormick – to sing. So I hope you’ll join us on December 12th. Who knows? You just may hear Lori sing!


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