New Projects for Lori

HandsOnKeyboard-300x300I decided to set a few goals before the end of the year – for ME.

First, I am excited about producing a few projects for friends this summer. It will be very good for me to get back in the studio and do what I do best. I also hope to record another solo piano project of my own compositions. Most likely this will be for download only. CD’s are already a thing of the past.

The second is a much bigger project, but when it gets done it will be fabulous. I have decided to put charts of my original music online for purchase. I certainly could have songbooks with the many writers I have composed with, but I think it will be way more appealing for the public to buy single lead sheets. I’m starting with my catalog of songs with Donna McElroy, since we have so many already done. Then I’ll go to my jazz catalog and Brazilian catalog. This is going to be a fun process to work on and will be a great way for me to display my lifelong work.

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