New Project

Finally….a NEW PROJECT!

I have some wonderful news. Finishing up a new project with my dear friend Sandra Dudley. We just recorded 14 Alan and Marilyn Bergman tunes as a duo project. It was simply magical and one of the best CD’s I have ever done. The tracking was done at Wildwood Studios with Brendan Harkin engineering and Roger Spencer producing August 2, 3 and 4, 2013. Just the beautiful Yamaha C7 and Sandra in the room! On the piano were crystals and trinkets that have a deep meaning to me. I just felt they ALL needed to be there during this recording.  My gut feeling is this will be ready for a release in October or November 2013. Each song was so challenging, but as usual, Sandra soars beautifully over the melodies to create divine magic. Such a goddess! The really cool thing, is that the Bergman’s personally sent us 6 tunes. 2 of the tunes have never been recorded! This is really exciting. So stay tuned as we proceed.

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