Music as Meditation

Lori-Dream-200Sit down, turn on the recorder, and write a tune in one take. Don’t we all wish? It’s a composer’s dream. But that’s exactly what happened on May 3, 2010 when the worst flood in over 200 years devastated Nashville. So many lost homes, businesses, and treasured belongings, symbols of cherished memories. I poured my grief into music, and the result was “God’s Tears.”

I added the score of “God’s Tears” to a book that has been a very special project for me, Dream of Life, Piano Solo Transcriptions. Some of the compositions in this collection sat in my catalog for many years without a home. I’m thrilled that they’re now available in a form that provides a way for you to play and explore. Several of these tunes are complete transcriptions from the CD recording. Others are condensed versions. All of them are about the process of life: where we begin – childhood, learning, innocence, love, family – and where we end – love lost, aging, reflection, and rebirth.

The audio recording of “God’s Tears” was not included on the Dream of Life CD, but as a special gift to my readers, I am offering it as a free download on my website for a limited time.

So meditate, open your heart, and enjoy!

Much love and light,


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