• Old Souls

    Posted on November 24, 2012 by in

    From the album Dream of Life. Music and Lyric by Lori Mechem.

    When I first saw your face
    It seemed I knew the place
    Where time had stopped and you were there
    So very clear, an angel.

    I knew we’d met before
    And time had never slipped away
    Maybe just a day, it seemed liked.

    I thank my lucky stars
    That you have never left me
    I know that Old Souls never die.

    We’ve gone through many lives
    Though many different times
    And yet I find my way to you
    When I’m passing thru from heaven

    If you should leave me now
    I know I’ve found my greatest joy
    Finding you again in this lifetime.

    Each time we meet again
    You’ll say hello, my friend
    And know that Old Souls never die.