• Dream of Life Album

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    Dream of LifePiano meditation music by Lori Mechem


    1. The Journey Home
    2. Serenade for a Child
    3. How Will I Know
    4. A Passage Thru Time
    5. The Dream of Life
    6. Teach Me to Love
    7. Believe In Me
    8. Island of Blue
    9. Still
    10. The Earth Was Kissed by Raindrops
    11. One Last Time
    12. Old Souls


    All of these songs were composed and arranged by Lori Mechem except Island of Blue which was co-written with Tony Kerr.

    This CD was recorded on my 7’4” Bosendorfer grand piano at home.

    All tracks are complete takes with no electronic editing.

    Mastered by Tom Knox

    Artwork by Sean Horenstein

    Thanks to Larry Weitz and Margaret Smith for encouraging me to record my music, and always loving me. You have been with me in many lives.

    To Ron Browning- It seems so appropiate to end this cd with the song I wrote for you. I love you, my friend!

    To my husband Roger… you are my world. Thank you for always encouraging me.

    To my best friend Elyse…. I love that we keep meeting and picking up where we left off last.

    Special Thanks

    Stephen McRedmond and Matthew Cushing – you are my angels.

    Tony Kerr – Your music means so much to me.

    Larry and Nancy Mechem – you are the best teachers I know! I love you.

    Brian Parker – for making my life richer and so much fun.

    Jeff and Cheryl Hall – You are so dear to my heart.

    Tom Knox – Thanks for making this CD sound so great.

    Monica Ramey – Thank you for always believing in me.

    To all my Nashville friends and family – I feel blessed and  so fortunate that you are in my life.


    The concept of this music collection is quite simple. It is about the process of life, where we begin, childhood, learning, innocence, love, family and where we end, love lost, aging, reflection and rebirth. As you play through the tunes, reflect and see what comes to your mind first. Let your heart find it’s way to the soul of the song. Several of the tunes are complete transcriptions from the CD recording, while others are condensed versions. Here are a few meditation ideas for some of the tunes. The other titles need no illumination.

    “The Journey Home” is about leaving the physical earth and returning to the heavenly kingdom from where we began.

    “Serenade for a Child” is a beautiful lullaby about starting life anew.

    “How Will I Know” is about our wise council inside us, our gut feeling.

    “Teach Me To Love” is about the innocence of a new love. Meditate and open your heart!

    “One Last Time” is a reflection and celebration of all the skills that one has mastered during their lifetime. Dedicated to Elyse Adler.

    “Old Souls” is about when we return to a new life and meet someone who is very familiar, a possible soul mate.  Dedicated to my soul mate, Ron Browning.

    There are a few people that I need to thank for making this project possible. Daniel Landes for giving me the courage, friendship and love to make this book become a dream come true. I love you very much. Roger Spencer for always being my biggest fan, my best friend and the greatest husband a gal could ever have. Sean Horenstein for the amazing artwork. You are so dear to my heart.  Ron Browning and Elyse Adler — you are truly my soul mates and I thank God everyday for you. Also, thank you to Tony Kerr for writing such a beautiful tune with me, “Island of Blue.”

    Thanks to all my friends and family for believing in me and supporting my artistry. You have been a blessing and light in my life.

    A special thank you to my spirit guides and angels. This is your music — I am just the vessel.