Athena’s Eyes

DOL-Athenas-EyesJanuary 6, 2008. The stage was a Goddess fortress with the piano in front of a backlit, black backdrop and surrounded by giant crystals. A Buddha fountain, candles, trees, and plants filled out the stage, completed by a picture behind the piano, a painting Ron had made of my spirit guide. Gorgeous! All thanks to Mark and Laina Stanford who arranged the stage beautifully. So much energy zoomed around that I could barely play.

For weeks I had seen signs that everything was coming together to make the release day perfect. When Roger and I went back to Indiana for Christmas, I walked into a cute boutique in Zionsville and had a feeling I would find the perfect thing to wear for the show. I was right. My mother walked up with a magnificent silk outfit in purples, greens and deep blues, the same color as the cover of the CD. After I returned to Nashville, I shopped for jewelry with my soul mate, Ron Browning. We ended up at a place called “Fabu,” where I immediately saw a beautiful blue pendant on a thick silver rope. The owner saw me trying it on and told me the stone represented Athena’s eyes. Ron and I looked at each other and started to cry, and of course, we bought the necklace and matching earrings. Any time Ron and I are together, we can count on a sign from our guides, and this was a good one!

DOL-Release1-SquareI was more nervous than usual preparing for this CD release, because I had no bass, drums or guitar to hide behind. It was just ME. So my practice and focus were completely different. Every day I rehearsed the show in the correct order just to get it in my head. The day of the event was a little crazy, but my meditation room is a place of peace and serenity for me, so each time I stepped into the room, I settled down. And my friends made the day fun by coming over to help me get ready. Linda Hochberg did my hair and makeup. Elyse Adler, Monica Ramey, and my mom were there too.

Then came the show. Ron introduced me and did a tarot reading, explaining to the audience what my cards were. He talked about my healing touch and about how he loved me. I began the show playing “A Journey Home.” Next came “Serenade to a Child,” which I dedicated to Peter, Veronica, and Ian Gunn, and then “Passage Thru Time.” After that I played “Island of Blue” and told how I met my friend Tony Kerr, co-writer of the tune, and how he led us to the Neuhoff site, now home of the Nashville Jazz Workshop, and connected us to the owners, Stephen McRedmond and Matthew Cushing. I dedicated “One Last Time” to my best friend, Elyse, and ended the night with “Old Souls,” which included a surprise for Ron: I had written words for him, which Jeff Hall sang.

DOL-Release4I’ve played for many CD releases, but that night stands out as one of the most exciting, spiritually sparking with energy, a CD release I will never forget.

Much love and light,


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