All of My Life—A Tribute to Alan and Marilyn Bergman

All of My Life CoverWe have finished the most beautiful and spiritual CD of our career. All of My Life is in production and will be delivered by November 1, 2013. Sandra Dudley and I are just proud of what we have done with this CD and the beautiful stories that go along. We recorded at Wildwood Studio in Franklin, TN with Brendan Harkin engineering on August 2, 3 and 4, 2013. Roger was our producer and thank God we had his ears! Tom Knox mastered for us, Gregg Roth took the album cover and an additional pic. Brian Parker did a marvelous job on the artwork. It is exactly what we wanted…..elegant and sophisticated. We also were able to use a pic from Bo May when the Bergman’s visited the NJW several years ago.

Our CD release party is scheduled for November 17th from 3-m to 5pm at NJW. We know there will be a lot of people there to support us. Once we get thru the holidays, we are planning to do radio promotion. Stay tuned for more good news……and more chapters added to the “Book of Bergman’s”!!!


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