Cognito Music

My husband Roger Spencer and I started Cognito Music in 1990. Since then we have produced numerous CD projects as well as original compositions.

Here is a list:

Welcome to Brazil

Lori Mechem and Ritmos Picantes

Shiny Stockings

Lori Mechem Quartet plays Count Basie

April in Paris

Lori Mechem Quartet plays more Count Basie

The Dream of Life

Lori Mechem

Live in the Jazz Cave

Pete Christleib and the Lori Mechem Quartet

All of My Life

Sandra Dudley and Lori Mechem

One More for the Road

Liz Johnson


Liz Johnson

Mylls Ahead

Kristine Mylls

Foolish Again

Don O. Henry

Make Someone Happy

Monica Ramey

Let’s Face the Music

Jeff Hall

In a Sentimental Mood

Ron Browning

All This Love

Joe Freel