A Small Worm in the Big Apple


Dorian and Lori

Recently I made a trip up to NYC for a performance at the Metropolitan Room and a little birthday celebration for myself. My husband, Roger, and I had actually been planning a trip to the Big Apple for a while, so when our friend Dorian Woodruff called with a gig, we had all the more reason to go. Ever since Dorian moved to NYC several years ago, we’d been talking about playing a gig together in a cabaret room. Well, he made it happen!

We started planning the music for the gig in January. In addition to choosing a variety of songs from the Great American Songbook, Dorian picked four of my original tunes to sing. Very cool. Then in March, Dorian returned to Nashville for an intensive weekend rehearsal to get everything musically prepared. I had written a bunch of charts and sent him rehearsal tracks to work with, and he had contacted cabaret artist/producer Lina Koutrakos to write the script of the show. She brilliantly came up with the correct order and meaning for all the tunes we had chosen.

Kenya, Lisa and Kenneth

Kenya, Lisa and Kenneth

Although this was really Dorian’s show, featuring Roger and me, Dorian made certain that it was also all about my New York debut! He made it all so very special. Making it even more special were all the Nashville friends who flew to NYC to be there for this special performance: Elyse Adler, Adam Liff, Lisa Taylor, Kenneth Stallsworth, Kenya Taylor, Sharon Ferarra, Marty Slutsky.


Marty and Sharon

Baltimore friends: Jeff and Cheryl Hall, Amy Pancio.


Amy, Cheryl, Jeff

New York friends: Everett Bradley, Ilene Reid, Michael Heitzman, David Holcenberg. Seeing so many familiar faces from the stage was mind-blowing. But I wasn’t a bit nervous, because my peeps were there to cheer me on. How could a gal be nervous with that kind of support?

Lori, Michael, David, Ilene and Everett

Lori, David, Michael, Ilene and Everett

The performance went great, and Dorian sang his butt off. I’m so incredibly proud of him and all the work he has done to become a consummate performer. He performs with such ease and professionalism. Thank you, Dorian, for hosting us in New York and for singing my songs so beautifully. It was a night I will never forget.


Roger and Dorian

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